See Samples

As you scroll down this page, you can see various samples of our past work. First, is our demo reel showing a compilation of actual visual effects that our team produced for:

  • International TV advertising
  • Feature film visual effects, as well as
  • Company and institutional overviews.

As you view our general samples, please keep in mind that your short web movie will be designed specifically to match your market. To support your market, our studio has the talent and equipment to make your movie informative, entertaining, and engaging – just like the samples below.

Click to see compiliations of our magic

And There is More

Here are some more samples of our visual effects used in international TV commercials. In many cases, you will have already seen these commercials, but never knew who performed the magic behind them! (click to view, and then click 'back' to return to our site)

As you watched those commercials, did you notice that even though some were in different languages, the message is still clear? In today's cosmopolitan market we can help you connect, regardless of what country your audience calls home.

Animated Technical Marketing

In order to assist in explaining complex ideas, we also develop explanatory animations as shown in the example below.


Click here for the complete animated white paper

We Match your Specific Market Needs

Of course the way that we present your short movie depends on the nature of your target market along with the action that you want viewers to take. Do you want viewers to:

  • Forward the movie to their co-workers?
  • Go to your web site?
  • Remember something important about your company?
  • Make a purchase?
  • All of the above?

Available Styles

Below is a compliation of third-party examples showing how you can tell stories visually to create engagement by your viewers.

Goal Book Promotion
Approach Ignore at your peril


Goal Product Line Promotion
Approach Aspirational
Medium Visual Effects


Goal Book Promotion
Approach Intelligent and Entertaining
Medium Live Cartoon Animation


Goal Service Promotion
Approach Informative and Entertaining
Medium Cartoon Animation

No matter what your goals, our team can identify and produce the optimal movie for your specific target market. Let us help you engage your market using one of the most powerful means of communication available – short web movies. Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation today by clicking here.


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