Introducing our Short Web Movies

How many times have you visited a company's website and left without understanding what they do? How many times have you returned to that site to try to understand again? If you're like most people, you won't, and that company lost the chance to make a memorable first impression.

At InterFusion, we help companies make a positive impression on their website visitors. Our strategy is simple and our results are world class. We tell each company's story by producing short, but powerful, web movies. We hand-craft each movie using the perfect blend of information, entertainment, and persuasion in order to match your specific target market.

Use short web movies to create impact everywhere

No matter what your goals, text web pages will never spark emotional engagement as deeply as our short web movies. And we can produce these movies in many formats ranging from cartoons to cinema-quality movies. When they're complete, your movies can be used for many purposes including sales, marketing, product demonstrations, concept explanations, client testimonials, training, corporate communications, conferences, tradeshows and special events.

Speed up Sales

Imagine the impact of driving visitors to your web site and introducting your company before any of your sales force time is used. Consider the impact of ensuring that your introductory message is unified and consistent for every new prospect. Once this messaging and self-qualification is complete, think how much more time your sales force will have to assist qualified prospects rather than repeating the same introduction to first-time callers. Imagine how many more prospects would complete your sales process.

Simplify hosting, marketing, and montoring ROI

Producing quality movies is just part of what we do. Ensuring that everyone can receive, play, share, and respond to your movies is another. With continual changes in browsers, devices, and network conditions, it is important that you can count on a successful movie-viewing experience for everyone. Additionally, it's important to ensure that your viewers can respond using contextual interactive sales promotions. Finally, it's all about ROI, so accurate and clear business analytics are critical. Keeping on top of all the complexities can be a real headache so we manage these issues for you and keep your experience easy and enjoyable.

Don't Pay a Penny More

To see the benefits yourself, you don't have to spend more money on your company's marketing efforts; you just have to consider reallocating part of your advertising budget to a tool that can have greater impact than traditional marketing.


Samples of past work

Choose a Partner with Pedigree

With our background in corporate marketing, TV advertising, and feature film effects, our talented team will help you tell your story using today's latest tools. And we'll also provide a complete campaign strategy that will be measureable for years to come. As the web quickly becomes more like TV, let our experience help you enter this powerful new medium quickly, professionally, and with confidence.




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