About Us

InterFusion is a Vancouver-based team of 14 media designers, engineers, artists, and marketing professionals with a leadership team that brings over 30 years of international experience from the advertising, marketing, and technology marketplace.

Our Mission

To help companies tell their story by producing short, but highly powerful, web movies.

Our Approach

We hand-craft short web movies to engage your audience by blending entertainment, education, and persuasion. The perfect blend depends of course, on your specific market and our talented team is ready to help create a result that meets your expectations.

Our Philosophy

  • Truth well told
  • Details matter
  • Optimizing solution to needs, budget, and timeframe

Our Core Marketing Services

With decades of experience in the marketing world, we know how important quality results are to your business. We know firsthand how important subcontracting to a partner is and we honour the commitment you make to us by providing you with a high quality working experience. To ensure world class results, our process is formalized and further outlined here.

Our Clients

Our principals have provided services to the following companies in audiovisual advertising, corporate promotion, and product marketing. We know first-hand how critical your goals are, since we've been on both sides of the management desk.

Short Movies / Commercials
Tech Clients
Film and TV Clients


Bob Rennie Marketing





BC Business Council

ArrowMight Literacy Program


BAE Systems (UK Naval) (6 years)

NHK Television (Japan)

LAX Airport Authority

Lennar Homes

Incheon International airport (Korea)

Youmeu (Germany)

ADC Telecom - San Diego

GN Netcom - Denmark

Cardinal Health - San Diego

Fujant - Santa Barbara

Moneris Solutions - Vancouver

BC Tel's MPR Teltech - Vancouver


Hallmark Television


Lifetime Television




NHK (Japan)

Discovery Channel

U-TV (Europe)

Major Advertisers




Our Tools

  • Visual effects studio with a track record in feature films, TV series, commercials, and web multimedia.
  • Equipment is professional grade in order to ensure cinema quality and rapid results.

Our Resources

  • In addition to our in-house team, we are allied with a number of other studios in Vancouver, and internationally, for access to a further array of teams and sophisticated equipment.
  • Full-service sub-contracting of project-specific talent.





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